If you are a homeowner, then finding a quality roofing company might seem a little challenging at first. A common mistake made by too many homeowners is automatically choosing the contractor that gives them the lowest bid. Granted, some roofing companies might be able to provide lower bids, but it’s only because they fail to carry the appropriate insurance and only offer inferior materials and workmanship. Don’t fall victim to these “here today, gone tomorrow” sales tactics because they often end up costing you more down the road.


Some homeowners don’t think that it is possible to find a local roofing contractor that will work with their budgets to provide them and their families with the quality roof they desire. But, working with a Richmond or Chester based contractor will ensure that you receive the warranty that you are entitled to in the event something needs to be repaired, and some of these established companies offer detailed estimates. They also offer you different financing options to ensure that you receive any repairs that your roof requires.


The roofing experts at Pete’s Contracting encourage homeowners to get a no-risk, free consultation regarding residential roof repair and replacement services. Remember, the first step to quality roofing is choosing the right materials. Here are some of the products and services offered here at Pete’s:


  • Shingle roofing, slate, metal roofing of all types, wood shake, TPO flat roofing system, EPDM flat roofing, and roofing repairs of all types.
  • Leafproof Gutter Cover System – Enjoy a maintenance free system that will even keep the small debris like pine tags and oak tassels out of your gutter.
  • Seamless Gutters – Heavy gauge seamless aluminum gutters available in a variety of color options including copper. Consider upgrading those flimsy, loose gutters to prevent future water damage to your home.
  • Siding of all types – From vinyl and wood siding to James Hardie and metal siding, contact the siding experts at Pete’s for installation and repair on all types of siding.
  • Vinyl Windows – We stock an extensive array of window options that will fit nearly any budget; and all of our windows are tinted, insulated, and finished off to meet your trim color.


Pete’s wishes to remind homeowners to be leery of out-of-town storm chasers that knock on your door. These roofing gypsies are only looking to exploit homeowners by catching them off-guard and offering substandard workmanship. It’s also extremely difficult to hold these contractors accountable for any problems that arise. Did you know that roofs replaced by storm chasers typically only last 5-7 years? A quality roof should be guaranteed to last at least three times as long. Depending upon the materials being used (slate, copper and tile), some roofs can even last more than 50 years.


You can rest assured that Pete’s Contracting will stand behind their work based on the simple fact that they are a 3rd generation, family owned and operated contracting business located in Richmond and central Virginia that serves state wide with their home improvement services. From highest quality material to highest quality workmanship, we are a company that cares about what we are doing.


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